Soil amendments

Composted Dairy Cow Manure

Adds nutrients and drainage to soil

Common Uses:

  • Aged and Dewatered 130 days – Ready to plant
  • Naturally provides nutrients all plants need to grow with vitality. (Because it comes from lactating cows it has more nutrients.)
  • Improves soil texture for drainage and moisture retention
  • Encourages earth worms to stay in the garden

Veggie Boost Compost

Wake up depleted soils with Organic Veggie Boost Compost. Used as a natural fertilizer  containing Mycorrhizal Fungi and beneficial microbes.

Common Uses:

  • Side dress existing plants to replenish nutrients
  • As an amendment to reduce transplant shock
  • Microbes will reduce soil pathogens
  • Will increase nutrient uptake and improve drought tolerance
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